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RacingSM was created by 2 brothers, the older one, Ricardo and the younger one Pedro.
Our main purpose was and still is, to share 2-Stroke information and passion, in order to keep the "2-Stroke flame" alive.
The first version of this website started online in 2002 when Pedro decided to expose our ex-Kawasaki KDX 200 Supermoto and Honda CRM 50 modifications & engine tuning.

The years passed, new bikes arrived such as our father's Polaris Scrambler 400 in 2003, we also had the mythic Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee Quad between 2005 and 2007, then bought the legendary Yamaha RD 500 V4 also in 2005, the 2-Stroke GP 500 replica.
In 2007 we've acquired an exclusive Honda RS 250 for Trackdays, a GP machine.
Meanwhile, we've also bought another exquisite Exotic 2-Stroke, a Suzuki RG 500 Gamma.

We also have 4-Strokes, from 2006 until 2011 a KTM 520 EXC for Supermoto & Off-road, in 2010 a supermoto Husaberg FS 650e for road use and Supermoto Trackdays.
In 2007, a Japanese imported Honda CBR 250RR 1991' model, the ultimate Screamer with its 20 000rpm and 45bhp.
In 2011 ( in exchange for the KTM 520 ), a KTM 990 Adventure for our big Trips.

We hope you enjoy our website
Thank you very much for passing by.


  • Age: 30
  • Country: Portugal
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Graduation: Statistics


  • Age: 35
  • Country: Portugal
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Graduation: Business Management
The main objectives and motivations that had been in the base of creation of this private website are the true passion for motorcycles and the pleasure of the allotment of this passion with other fans, to create exclusive and unique prototypes, planed, thought by us and for us, with the cooperation of many professional and qualified people in their respective branches, like engine and chassis tuning.

The major factors here included are the pleasure and joy of driving, the study of the engines and the pleasure of motorcycle looking.
Our linking with motorcycles appeared since infancy, in a completly amateur / private form, without linkings to the competition world. Therefore, exclusively pleasure and passion, have been born spontaneously and from our proper will, without the intervention or stimulation of our family (plus, nobody in our family like motorcycles).
Since the beginning that this passion had as base the contemplation associated with the fruition/joy, and it's in the reality a real linking, for the accompaniment that was having in our lives, and not a passenger phase of adolescence or influenced by a fashion or social trend.
The art of preparation and modification of motorcycle engines always was a central subject - The Tuning Oportunity - for the pleasure to feel, to interpret and to understand the effect and to all relate them in one for a conclusion.

Obviously that to a less scientific level, given that only great structures of capital and knowledge can inhale to go more beyond (plants). This is therefore a allotment space, of some accomplishments to the private level.
We grow in the end of the 2-Stroke engines age, and still, we could feel them in great commercial force, having this been a fascinating experience for explosive character of these engines (mainly monocylinder engines with less than 200 cm3). We're talking about an unique engine, that transmits one hardly feeling that's almost impossible to equal for the actual agressive high revy peak 4-Stroke engines. No NA (atmospheric) engine can "eat" the power band so fast as a 2-Stroke racing engines.

This is a remarkable fact and becomes it unique.
The 2-Stroke passion has adepts in the entire World, many times in a isolated form and not associated. To praise all the interesting initiatives that contribute for the association of the fans of these engines, joining them in the direction to value and to promote the allotment of 2-Stroke good moments.
This characteristic that becomes its performances magical for the difficulty in conceiving a 2-Stroke engine powerful with an usable / linear powerband, and for representing decades of pure competition is treated, as we know, an engine that for its simplicity is a species of poor relative of the mechanics universe, being paradoxically and having been a remarkable landmark in the history of the motorcycle, for the ETERNITY.

The explosive/uncontrolable and brusque character of this engine, becomes it to be magical itself and defies the best pilots.
We know that with 2-Stroke engines much less pilots obtain good lap times in competition, due to the fact of its peculiar peak and revy powerband with less traction, what by itself it means that in this optic, this engine distinguishes clearer from the pilots, exactly for its bombastic character.
In this section we'll reveal some info about our engine tuner, LuFo ( Luís Fonseca ).
Luís Fonseca began his engine odissey in Mozambique with 16 years old, almost 40 years of engine tuning experience in National GP championships and trophies.

An engine tuner, with very extensive experience and trophies in the preparation and modification of 2-Stroke engines.
Therefore, for beyond a spare parts mechanic, the 2-Stroke engines don't have secrets for him, what increased to all its manual and intellectual capacity, make of it an unique figure and an election tuner, a true genious or, ironicaly, the "Einstein of the 2-Stroke" - Made in Portugal.
40 YEARS OF ENGINES - engine tuning and Competition, that allowed him to know the characteristics of the 2-Stroke engines of high competition (GP), since old times (George Muller, etc) until the modern times, passing for the force of the Italian and Japanese industry.

Of this experience, he perceived the reasons for which they manufactured and conceived the things in definitive way, and learned, understood, and with base in that, he was capitalizing that knowledge.
Of those bases, he created his own proper doctrine in the 2-Stroke engine tuning, in a mix between GP engines and his proper philosophy of tuning.

  • Great manual and intelectual capacity.
  • Determination and persistence, never giving up an objective.
  • Fame, charisma and given tests (the Great Workmanship....), that innumerable customers and possibility brought it to explore sufficiently some types of engines, distinct marks, etc, and with this to enrich its capital of knowledge - the virtuous cycle of the success.....
  • Belief and passion for the engine tuning & mechanics.
  • Spirit of sacrifice and mission - discipline.

This position is proven by its extensive registers, calculations and notations, carried through each time he conceives an engine modification - the use of mathematical knowledge and physics for the definition of the parameters to apply in the game "exhaust-cylinder", is something worthy of manufacter Engineering Mechanics in the Competition, but that in Portugal can be testified in the humble workshop of LUFO Racing in the fertile valley of Sintra (R. dos Malmequeres).

It's about the mix between the Hand-Made work and the total understanding of functioning of an engine, that allows to feel the engine and to perceive where in the reality it inhabits the cause/origin of one definitive effect - the DOMAIN Of the ENGINE.

We call the attention for the abissal difference that exists between the substitution/assembly mechanic and the conception and development of engines (the true engine tuner), for the infinity of restrictions and implications of factors, that become this task an highly complex task.

For this reason, we must perceive a little the difficult task of the plants, that although they have to its disposal all the machinery and workers, is collated daily with so complex problems that defy the limits of the knowledge, always in geometric progression.

LuFo is the biggest Portuguese 2-Stroke specialist with proven tests given in the achievement of the maximum power of a certain 2-Stroke engine, objective that we know that it is not determinative for the victory in a circuit, but that it is very entusiastic.
We know that this objective is the prescription for the attainment of the maximum acceleration and real top speed in a direct passage, if the engine will be endowed with an appropriate close ratio gearbox.


  • Name: Luís Manuel de Oliveira Fonseca (LuFo Racing)
  • Born in: Caxarias/Ourém/Portugal ....1948
  • Lived in Mozambique between 19... - 19...
  • Creator of the JA 125 motorcycle, conceived in the era when he was the responsable/workshop chief of J.AMORIM in Sintra
  • Production of hundreds of this model, conceived by himself.
  • Tuned Kreidler Van Veen 50 cm3 with rotary valve, 16 500 rpm etc.
  • Conception, modification and development of many automobiles - chassis, 4-Stroke engines with deep engine modifications, turbo instalation on NA engines, forged pistons distinct from the original ones.
  • Large experience in the modification of standard 2-Stroke engines (trail, motocross, enduro) into great GP performances (GP tuning, not motocross/enduro tuning)
  • Musician.
  • Great smoker.


  • Electrics (electric part, wiring circuits)
  • Electronics (hand-made CDI units, variable curves, ignition timings)
  • Cylinders (porting, reshape, angles, areas, volumes, exhaust & transfer timing)
  • Cylinder heads (squish band angles, combustion chamber volumes, corrected compression ratio measures)
  • Intakes (corrected volumes, reshape, rotary valve transformations on reed engines)
  • Exhausts (hand-made exhausts using specific mathematical formulas with a GP philosophy within)
  • Carburetors (correction of the carburation, depending on the given use and altitude)
  • Deep knowledge of the 2-Stroke engine functioning, can tune any kind of 2-Stroke engine, from 50cc to 500cc, even if it is a monocylinder or a tetracylinder proven by the different RacingSM prototypes
  • Frequent studies about new theories adjacent to 2-Stroke engines, since exhaust till cylinder and electronics
  • Gearboxes (knows how to use the correct gear ratios depending on the given use/track)